Foster Application

Apply to Foster Golden Retrievers:
Make a Difference in a Dog's Life

Thank you for considering becoming a foster parent for our beloved golden retrievers. Fostering is a vital role in our rescue mission, providing temporary care, love, and support to dogs in need. By opening your heart and home, you're helping us prepare these wonderful dogs for their forever homes.

If approved, you'll be added to our list of potential fosters. Your dedication to making a positive impact on a golden retriever's life is truly appreciated. We're excited to learn more about you and your willingness to provide a safe haven for these dogs.

Applicant Details

* Preferred Contact Method

Home Address

* Are you prepared to give up the foster when we find it a new home?
* Would you be open to adopting the foster yourself?
* What significant life events do you anticipate in the next year?

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Household Information

* Do other adults live here?


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* Do minors live in your household?


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Experience With Pets

* Do you currently have any dogs?

Current Dogs Living In The Household

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* Have you had any dogs that are no longer with you?

Previous Dogs

* Do you have any pets other than dogs?

Location Information

Your Residence

* Do you own or rent the residence?
* Does landlord allow dogs?

Your Yard

* Do you have a fenced yard?
* Is the lawn chemically treated?

Your Pool

* Do you have a pool?
* Is the pool completely fenced?



* What type of household do you have?
* Does everyone in your household want to foster a dog?
* Does anyone in the household have allergies to dogs?
* Does any member of your household smoke?

Your Foster's Lifestyle

* Do you plan on walking your Foster on a regular basis?
* Where will your Foster sleep?

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* Where will your Foster be when alone?

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* Do you have a doggie door?
* Is it locked when you are away from home?
* If you are gone from home during the day, does someone let your dog(s) out?

What Behaviors Can You Tolerate And Work On?

* Fosters can take a lot of time and effort. Are you willing to devote your time to make your Foster ready for adoption?

What Behaviors Can You Tolerate And Work On?

* Needs social skills?
* Accidents in the house?
* Inappropriate chewing?
* Excessive barking?
* Digging?
* Separation anxiety?
* What are your plans for training your Foster?

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Would You Consider...

* A bonded pair of Goldens?
* A Golden that can be an only pet?
* A Golden that is afraid of small children?
* A Golden that needs medications?
* A Golden that has a serious health condition?
* A Golden who needs training for a behavioral issue?
* A Golden with special needs?
* A Golden that is not completely housebroken?
* What age range(s) would you consider for fostering?
* What gender Golden Retriever do you want to foster?
* Personality Traits

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Let's Get You A Golden!


Please provide twp personal references and if you have used one, a veterinarian reference.

Personal or Professional Reference - 1

Personal or Professional Reference - 2

Veterinarian Reference

* Have you used a veterinarian before?



  • NOTE:

    Fosters are NOT determined on a first come basis. GRRI chooses the most compatible environment for each Golden. GRRI reserves the right to refuse a foster to any potential applicant(s). Fosters must be over 21 years of age.

  • NOTE:

    A signed copy of the GRRI legal waiver is required to be submitted prior to working with GRRI.